Prepare Yourself For Hitting The Road With A Commuter Bike

Commuter Bike

If you’re going to be commuting back and forth to work or somewhere else on a bike, more power to you. I’ve done it before, and I’ve also walked back and forth. In hindsight, it would have been smart for me to have a bike when I lived in Tennessee because I would walk 45 minutes to work. Commuting on a bike is something I did when I first moved here to Myrtle Beach. When you decide to get on a bike and ride on a busy road, you might think you’ve got it. If you’re new to it or haven’t done it in awhile, however, it can be a little tricky and stressful.

commuter bikesYou realize that it’s definitely different than driving, and you have to be able to communicate what you’re doing to other drivers without all the signals on a vehicle. In a big city, you really have to watch out for yourself because traffic can get heavy and people get in a hurry. So, it’s actually best if you get as much advice from other commuters as you can get before you get out there on the road. You can avoid making the mistakes that others have made.

One thing that people commuting on bikes worry about is what they look like when they show up to a place. Much of that is all about preparation, including familiarizing yourself with a particular route. If you know a route well, you’re going to be relaxed for starters. You are also going to have it timed so that you don’t necessarily have to get a vigorous workout on your way there. If you’re commuting to work, you don’t want to show up looking like you got beat up or like you’ve been working all day already. You want to look fresh and ready for a hard day’s work.

The commuter bike you choose can have much to do with how good of a ride you have each day of course. You need to choose wisely and based on your situation/commute. How much of a commtue do you have? At any point during your ride, are you going to be hitching a ride along with your bike? Some people ride a bike to a certain point and then get on a bus, train, etc. Are you going to leave your bike at a certain point, or are you going to be carrying your bike on the bus? I have seen quite a lot of this when I went to college because students would park their bikes on the perimeter and then ride the bus into the university.

Part of getting to work looking fresh has to do with your clothing. Do you need to pack your clothing and change? There are tips to help you wear what you need to wear without showing up to work with your clothes all wrinkled and messy. Once you get the right commuter bike, you will be ready to hit the road as you look at more about what to do and what to avoid.